The Clearing Statement

Your Magic Wand To Change Anything!

Have you ever wished you had a magic wand? The clearing statement is like having your own magic wand. It can be used to change anything that is not working for you


How to use the Clearing Statement?

To use the Clearing Statement, we first use a question to call up the limitation or blockage. That question doesn’t need to be answered, we just want access to the energy that the question calls up. Then we “destroy and un-create” the energy with the Clearing Statement.

You could for example ask yourself “What have I decided about … (the issue)… that I have?”.
You don’t have to say or think anything, just feel the energy (how it ‘feels’ to you) that comes up.
Say, to yourself or out loud:

“Everything that this is, I destroy and un-create it.
Right, Wrong, Good, Bad, All 9, POC, POC, Shorts, Boys and Beyonds “.

Notice that the energy might have a different sense to you.
Like this you can change and master your own energetic economy.

Sometimes we just say “POC and POD” this energy.

Explanation of the Clearing Statement

Here is a detailed explanation of what exactly the acronym for the Clearing Statement contains and what we “clear” on an energetic level.

Right, Wrong, Good, Bad, All 9, POC, POD, Shorts, Boys and Beyonds

Right, Wrong, Good, Bad – Stands for everything and everywhere you identified with, affiliated to or approved of, or have resisted or approved of anything Right or Wrong, Good or Bad. Even thinking that something is good locks you into that position and you’re cut off from the ability to be aware of all other (infinite) possibilities and choices that we have at our disposal.

All 9 – Stands for all 9 layers that we address in this energetic clearing (at the bottom of the page is an explanation of all 9 layers).

POC – (Point Of Creation) – the point at which a thought, feeling, judgment, perception, decision or action, conduct, projection, forecast, etc. was created.
So where the seed of your problem was planted.
POD – (Point Of Destruction) – the point immediately after a thought, feeling, judgment, perception, decision or action, conduct, projection, forecast, etc. that maintains what you want “cleared” and that will destroy it.
So everything that you have done to maintain and feed the weed in your garden which the seed turned out to be.

Shorts – Abbreviation (“Short Speak”) for: What is meaningful about this? What is meaningless about this? What is the punishment for this? What is the reward for this? What does it mean to me? How do I make this pointless? Where do I punish and torture myself in relation to this? What is the reward in holding onto this? How many layers and no-layers, do I have in connection with this? How much pointless blah-blah do I have in relation to …?

Boys – We often think that in order to solve problems we must peel away the layers to uncover the cause and solution of our problem. Like peeling an onion. What if doing this is the one thing that is standing in the way of your own healing ability because you never seem to get to the core of the issue?
What if having the “problem” is more like a bubble pipe. When you burst one bubble, another one takes its place, and another one, and another. The only way the bubbles stop forming is to stop blowing.
So, instead of tackling your problems by peeling the onion, why not just eliminate the energy that is feeding the bubbles, so it is no longer sustained?
The bubbles were nicknamed “Boys in the Hood”. Now this is abbreviated to “Boys”.

Beyonds – These are typically sensations or feelings, rarely an emotion or thought. They are the moments when your breath stops, or your heart seems to stop. An “Oh My God” moment, that are beyond belief, reality, imagination, concept or idea, perception, rationalization, forgiveness and all other forms of “beyond …”.

The extended version of “Right and Wrong, Good & Bad, All 9″ is:
1 – How have we made this good, right, perfect and correct or wrong, mean, terrible, bad, vicious and awful?
2 – How does this limit us?
3 – How does this make us absolutely, totally, irrevocably, infinitely, eternally and completely pointless / useless?
4 – What are the rewards that make this good, right, perfect and correct or wrong, bad, horrible, terrible and vicious?
5 – What choices have we made and are we making?
6 – What creations create the obligations and promises to the creation of our limitations?
7 – How many limitations of dimensionality keep this locked in place?
8 – How many of your controls, definitions, limitations, forms, structures, interests, linearities, concentricities hold this in place?
9 – What are you unwilling to destroy that is maintaining this?

Every time you resolve one of these (self-created) limitations with the Clearing Statement, you resolve the same limitation for thousands of other people. All the people you are connected with in this life and past lives, add up to at least 350,000 people. As you change, they also profit from the changes on an energetic level.
The whole planet is lighter if you release blockages and limitations.