Raindrop Therapy

Raindrop Technique®, created by Gary Young, the founder of Young Living Essential Oils, combines the art of aromatherapy with the techniques of Vita Flex and massage.

banner-Raindrop-TechniqueRaindrop Therapy uses a layering process of 9 different Young Living’s therapeutic/medicinal grade essential oils applied to the feet and spine. The combination of these oils, and the application of moist warm towels to the spine and back, allows the oils to penetrate your body rapidly and begin their therapeutic process on a cellular level.

Raindrop Therapy has been known to increase the immune system, relieve back issues, and to create balance and harmony in the body – physically, mentally, and emotionally. Raindrop Therapy focuses the healing essence of the essential oils directly to the spinal column where it is believed that viruses and bacteria lie dormant until the immune system weakens. The oils create an environment that is not hospitable to these “foreign” agents in our bodies and causes them to be eliminated naturally.

Raindrop Therapy is also a very effective detoxification and can assist you in eliminating symptoms associated with cold and flu, Herpes, Shingles, MRSA and a variety of other common conditions.

Raindrop is a very gentle therapy and offers you the opportunity to completely relax while improving your overall wellbeing on all levels.

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Essential oils used:

Valor (blend): cleanses the energy field, aligns and balances

Oregano: attacks viruses and bacteria

Thyme: attacks viruses and bacteria

Basil: anti-spasmodic, headache relief

Cypress: increases circulation

Wintergreen: anti-inflammatory/anti-spasmodic, analgesic (pain reliever)

Marjoram: relaxes musculature, lowers blood pressure

Peppermint: anti-spasmodic, assists in “pushing” in all other oils (blend): relaxing & soothingRaindrop

This session will also include vibrational sound therapy, as the vibrations from the Himalayan singing bowls help to penetrate the oils deep into the body and cells, as well as some reflexology and crystals to create a one of a kind experience.


“Having a Raindrop Therapy session with Diana is truly a gift. Her knowledge of essential oils combined with her gentle, nurturing presence leaves your body, mind and spirit feeling completely relaxed and Amazing. Her energy and Bars sessions are also something everyone should experience. I highly recommend her services.” ~Minette


“I had the most amazing healing raindrop treatment with Diana at the Las Vegas Enlightment Center! Diana is extremely intuitive and phenomenal healer and truly listened to what my body needed! The essential oils cleared my energy field and relaxed and rejuvenated my entire body and nervous system! Also the Enlightment center is a beautiful space and her treatment room is immaculately clean and it felt as if I was in heaven!! I highly recommend experiencing a raindrop therapy session with Diana as well as Bars and Vibrational sound therapy!” ~Joei



Raindrop With Vitaflex

$175.00 90 Minutes Raindrop Therapy

Raindrop Therapy™ includes:

  • Vita Flex
  • Reflexology
  • Spinal Alignment
  • Energy Restoration
  • Massage
  • Young Living™ Essential Oils
  • Vibrational Sound Therapy
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does Raindrop Therapy™ release blocked energy?

    Raindrop Therapy™ is gentle. As your energy centers are aligned, you will also experience the release of “blocked” energy that often creates stress and illness. Therapeutic grade oils also break up bacteria as they penetrate the body. The oils send a plethora of oxygen to the cells, and dis-ease cannot live in oxygenated cells hence Raindrop Therapy™ has the power to heal the body emotionally and physically.

  • Why do people respond differently to Raindrop Therapy™?

    Since we are all “unique” individuals, each individual may respond differently to healing therapies and you may even respond to the same modality differently as your body chemistry is in a constant state of change. Raindrop Therapy™ allows the oils to work as needed with your body chemistry at any given time. Raindrop Therapy™ suggests the use of nine “basic” Young Living Essential oils applied to the feet and spine during a Raindrop Therapy™ session.

  • What can you expect during a session?

    In a Raindrop Therapy™ session, you will come into a relaxing environment with a massage table. You will remove clothing from your upper body and feet and lie face up on a massage table. Arms may rest comfortably at the sides of the body and hips are flat on the table. A blanket can be used to create warmth if needed and relaxing music is played in the background to help promote deep relaxation. Footwork First: I begin a Raindrop Therapy™ session with the bottoms of the feet since they are the most absorbent part of the body. Nine different Oils are applied to the bottoms of both feet along the “spine” of the foot using the Vita Flex technique. The Vita Flex technique allows the oils to fully penetrate the cells and promote healing, I also include some reflexology and warm bowls to the feet. Vibrational sound therapy is then used to help push the essential oils deep into the feet and up through the body. Next you will be asked to turn over with your head resting in the face cradle nine oils are applied to the spine using a feathering technique and then various other massage techniques that allow the spine to open up and receive the oils. Some of the techniques gently pull the tissue away from the spine creating space for the spine to move and realign as well as remove bacteria from the body. If any oil creates too much heat on sensitive skin, I immediately add massage oil to the skin to dilute the oil and the heat dissipates. Dry & Wet Towels: A dry towel is placed over the back and a hot wet towel is placed over the dry towel to create a moist compress. This moist heat will help the oils penetrate the body deeply and quickly. I monitor this process closely so the client stays comfortable. Usually the heat builds and peaks in about 8 minutes and then slowly dissipates but if the heat is too intense, the towel can be removed. With the warm towel in place I place Himalayan singing bowls to the spine creating a vibrational massage, again penetrating the essential oils deep into the body. You will then be asked to turn onto your back for some lymphatic pumping in the neck and warm towel infused with eucalyptus for the face.

  • How long will Raindrop Therapy™ last?

    Each person responds differently to the session. Some people will feel better for months after a Raindrop Therapy™ session and others will need frequent treatments. If a person is very toxic, the treatment should be done and as part of a good detoxification program. Proper nutrition and other “positive” lifestyle habits contribute to a healthier body and allow the benefits to last longer.