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Access Bars

She is amazing!! You will love the effects of energy healing. She is my favorite go to person for my wellness :))

Access Bars

This was an absolute joy and an overall wonderful experience! I definitely hope to come back again soon. I feel crazy relaxed and have a mental clarity afterward. Definitely worth it!!

Vibrational Sound Therapy

in the last week
For the last three years, I have gotten more and more emotional and a bit downtrodden with all the things I have going on in my life. As well as years of constant heartbreak that men in my life have taken me through, and the emotional baggage of a violent and abusive father/mother.

I felt that I overcame it all by just not focusing on any of it, always keeping myself busy with something, because with everything on my plate, I did not have time to relive the tears, the pain, and the heartache that cut really deep. But now that my life has slowed down a little, it all came to the surface along with some dreams falling through the cracks and the lost connection with my soulmate that cut me deeper than any of these things in my life.

I am the type of person that tries everything at least once to stay in good health, but at this point in my life, I had given up. I could not show my face around people that I knew and know because my heart was overflowing with pain, and tears, and crying. I could not even face people on a professional and business level. Hell!! I am an Army Veteran and felt that this could not be the end for me and that somewhere deep inside, I was stronger than this!

So I began asking and begging the universe to help me. To show me what I needed to do to pull myself together. I stayed in bed like this for two days--praying. The third day, I woke up and turned my computer on, just browsing the internet like usual, and suddenly out of nowhere Violet Rays Energy Healing's Website just popped up.

The main thing I remember seeing is "Vibrational Sound Therapy", and I believed that that was the answer to fix me. I made the appointment, and when I arrived for my appointment and met Diane, she talked me through everything, and I knew right then that it was going to work.

During my one-hour session with her, I could feel my body, I could feel a connection again with my body, I could actually feel my heartbeat throughout my body, I could feel small popping sensations of blockages being removed and my blood starting to flow freely. I knew that I had small blockages in my heart, and in my brain for sure, and I felt those unblock and the blood move through freely as well as in my arms and my lower abdominal area.

When she was done, I could not believe it!! I felt like a new me, a calmer, more relaxed and confident me! The next day my knee was better, I could walk better and it got better everyday after, and my blood pressure was back to normal and I sleep like a baby to wake up with lots of energy and a smile on my face saying thank you to the universe. I work in my journal about my childhood and failed dreams and I do not cry about it. I am so focused now; even background noises do not bother me. I talked to a friend about something they did that hurt me, and I did not cry one bit! The crazy stuff and people that I experience in public places do not take me out of my center!! I got my life back!!! I got my focus back!! I am healthier and more balanced, all of this from my first session!!! (Thank you Diane)

If this can happen for me, it can happen for you or for your friends, family, military or just someone that you know that is going through some things.

Actually, you do not have to be going through something, just do it as a checkup, get more balanced, more focused and feel better. If you know someone that just needs to relax because they get too wound up, send them for a session.

I am telling the world my story and the healing that I received from Diane at Violet Rays Energy Healing and her One-Hour Vibrational Sound Therapy!! It has been a month for me now, and it is still lasting. But my goal is to go once a month or more, just because I know that it works and want to continue moving forward in good health.

Do it just once and trust, you will be signing up for it again. Treat yourself, or treat someone you know. And thank you for reading this lengthy writeup, I felt compelled to tell you my life-changing experience; hopefully it can help you or someone you love.

Every single time I get healing done, by Diana, I leave feeling, exponentially, more blessed, happy, balanced and in control of life than before. Access Bars are out of this world! Nearly indescribable. If you're experiencing worry, sadness, depression, anxiety, lack of concentration, just any type of imbalance you NEED balanced- get the bars done. Best decision you'll ever make for yourself.

Access Bars

What an amazing experience ! I’m so happy she is close to me !! I will definitely be returning !!

Reiki Session

Simply AMAZING!! I never do reviews but Diana is worth it! EVERY PENNY! So glad the universe sent me her! Definitely will be a regular! She also has crystals, bracelets and more in her shop.


Diana is fantastic, she was so patient and caring for me. I felt wonderful after my session and will be seeing Diana soon for more healing.

by Michelle H. on Violet Rays Energy Healing
Access Bars

Amazing experience! Loved it!

Energetic Healing with Aroma Therapy

Very relaxing, she's wonderful and has a variety of tools to enhance the experience (sound therapy, essential oils, etc).

Energetic Healing w/Aroma Therapy

The office is very nice and the room itself is super comfortable. I'm someone who's a skeptic and I felt more at ease after the session. Definitely helped me with some anxiety.

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