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Have you programmed your un-conscious mind to work against you?

Do you feel like your doing every thing right? Raising your vibration, doing your meditations, working on gratitude, got your vision board up..... and your asking Source/Universe send methe money, the raise, the perfect job........ and nothing is happening? are you getting tired, frustrated and thinking your doing something ... More

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The One Thing That Can Change Anything In Your Life

Post by Michele Follis Choice. Access Consciousness talks about it a lot. And what if that’s because choice is one of the most powerful tools available to each of us? What if it’s one of the fastest ways you can change your life? And what if for most of us, within the realm of choice are layers upon ... More

What if You Woke Up to a New Body Every Day?

 Post by Dr. Glenna Rice Most people see their bodies are a fairly permanent structure.  They will allow for growing as children, aging as an adult, some weight loss or gain over the years and a few diseases; but that is about it.  Are you aware of how much change your body is generating every day?  What might surprise ... More